26th April 2018 Iain Hoey

RetailReport is a completely unique cloud based service which is revolutionising shopping centre management. RetailReport automatically collects data from a multitude of sources and, using unique algorithms, shapes and analyses data to provide you with alerts, reports, comparisons and forecasts, allowing you to manage your shopping centre to the highest standard.

RetailReport can seamlessly integrate with and automatically collect data from many sources, including: Sales Data – using automated phone calls, texts, emails and a dedicated retailer portal, Car Parking, Footfall, Social Media, Website Traffic, Public Wi-Fi, Weather, Traffic, Travel, News, Utility Usage, Health and Safety, Internal and External Events and more. RetailReport then shapes this data and provides: Alerts – making you aware of any issues affecting your centre in real time, Reports – generated and sent automatically to various stakeholders, Comparisons – between different centres and retailers, and/or different metrics, (for example parking to footfall to weather) and Forecasts – RetailReport’s unique algorithms are able to predict sales figures or if a retailer might be in trouble.

Alongside this, RetailReport has a Crisis Management tool which enables any member of staff to alert all of the various stakeholders to an important issue. Whether that be a Bomb scare, fire or flood. Once the event has been logged within the portal, automated alerts are sent out via text, automated call or email (depending on the severity).

Find out more and book your free demo at www.retailreport.com

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