Short-term Retailer of the Year 2018

Shepherd Neame at Bluewater
Managed by Landsec
Category sponsored by Mobilise

The Shepherd Neame Bluewater pop-up store was conceived as part of Bluewater’s Calendar Moment programme to activate a shop unit with a great local brand and offer a unique experience for fathers in the run-up to Fathers’ Day. Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest brewer, was keen to use the pop-up as a launchpad for two new products and to create a brand experience reflective of its roots and brewing process.

In conjunction with the centre’s environmental policies, raw materials such as hops, malt and apples were introduced along with existing fixtures and props such as barrels, a cider press and traditional wooden crates filled with hops suspended from the ceiling, creating an immersive experience, bringing the sights, smells and tastes of the brewery to Bluewater.

To further immerse customers in the world of brewing a pioneering ‘hops 360’ virtual reality tool was created allowing guests to take a virtual tour of a hop garden. Each guest was also invited to enter a prize draw for the chance to win beer for a year and Shepherd Neame collaborated with the Bluewater marketing team offering prize giveaways for Fathers’ Day.

The final result was a shop used for educational experiences, tastings and food matching events and as a venue for drinks writers and trade press to sample new products. The store exceeded its sales targets by 204% and it also far exceeded other objectives including:
• in-store footfall totalling 15,126 during the period (189% over target)
• customer engagements totalling over 6,000 (151% over target)
• combined social media reach of over 176,000 (587% over target)
• media coverage: 133 mentions over 67 media outlets (443% over target)

The fact that the pop-up shop was featured in Retail Week as Shop of the Week is demonstrative of its huge success.


Young Achiever of the Year 2018

Georgia Hillyard
The Glades Bromley
Managed by JLL
Category sponsored by VIP

Georgia has had an impressive career progression. Her ability to learn quickly, lead and motivate teams has led her to running all soft and hard services in a large shopping centre with140 tenants and footfall in excess of 20m a year, by the age of 28.
Georgia started her career aged 16 working in retail. With French Connection she was quickly promoted to supervisor and while dealing with security issues and working alongside the police Georgia realised she was especially interested in security operations. In her own time, she passed her security CCTV and Door licences and aged 21 was successful in her appointment to CCTV controller at The Glades.

During 18 months as a controller, Georgia demonstrated her ability to lead large teams with her outstanding communication skills. This earnt her a promotion to security supervisor by the age of 22.

Aged 23 following a brief time as cleaning manager learning a new side of the business, Georgia then took on all mall security, managing a team of 25 guards. Her success in this role meant that Georgia’s remit also encompassed the CCTV control room and car parks – parking being an important source of income for the centre.

By the age of 27 Georgia had been promoted to the role of guest services manager with overall responsibility for all soft services – a combined workforce of 50+ with
budgets of over £2m.

Most recently Georgia was successfully promoted to facilities manager leading all hard and soft services, taking her team size to 60+ and budgets of over £3m making her the most senior manager in the Interserve centre team. This has been challenging at times but Georgia applied herself to learn a whole new skill set on the technical side of the business, and proven in recent technical audits with dramatically improved results in 2018 vs 2017.
Her infectious energy, hard work and natural ability with people has marked out Georgia as a future centre manager.


Retail Liaison Award 2018

Westfield Stratford City, London
Managed by Westfield
Category sponsored by Destination Space

The Retail Relations team at Westfield Stratford City have delivered a number of innovative, engaging, time-saving and business-leading initiatives to Westfield’s operations. Adding value, not only for those visiting the centre, but also for the retailers and teams that work alongside them. Through keeping operational excellence and a ‘love what you do’ mentality at the heart of everything they do, the Retail Relations Team are pushing the boundaries of ‘the norm’ to best showcase the flagship brands Westfield Stratford City houses.

Experience is key, as are exceptional store standards, operationally equipped retailers and brands that encourage visitors to engage with their products and services. To consistently achieve this vision the Retail Relations Team are driven to ensure retailers get maximum exposure within the asset, from brainstorming ideas to creating interesting opportunities to drive footfall into their units.

To further build upon the strong retail community at Westfield Stratford City, the Retail Relations team introduced the Westfield Retailer App to improve retailer to retailer and Centre Management communication, via one central hub. The team transformed and re-designed the software provided by MallComm to include managing store standards and all key holder contacts are available on the go via the Westfield Retailer App. Since the introduction of the Westfield Retailer App the Retail Relations Team have also seen an increase in information provided during turnover collections, as well as utilising the app to further drive community amongst the retailers through interactive incentives.

The Retail Relations Team continuously innovate to maximise opportunity for the retailers. Recently the team utilised an empty unit shopfront to install an interactive hoarding with bounce-backs to retailers. Not only did this drive footfall and spend for the retailers involved, it created an interesting experience for visitors and generated valuable data for the business.

The Retail Relations Team is central to the running of Westfield Stratford City and it is their tenacity, passion and reactivity that continues to drive retailer and operational excellence through the ever changing environment that retail is known and loved for.


Commercialisation Innovation of the Year 2018

Touchwood, Solihull
Managed by Workman
Category sponsored by Mall Solutions Europe

In 2017, Touchwood embarked on an innovative partnership with 50 BA Creative Arts degree students from Solihull College & University Centre to host a fully immersive and interactive experience that drove centre sales, generated revenue and provided a valuable experience for the students.

The successful partnership generated £1,500 in revenue while saving £8,736 in rates and contributing to a +3.1% in centre sales.

Work varied extensively in its artistic approach and method, providing guests with intriguing reasons to visit and re-visit, whilst supporting the centre’s ethos of ‘there’s always something happening at Touchwood.”

The exhibition was open during trading hours with the occasional late-night opening. It was staffed by the students themselves who were able to offer guests insightful and often very personal introductions to their work.

Anecdotal feedback from exhibition visitors was very positive, with many offering high praise such as:“I didn’t expect to see an exhibition in the middle of a shopping centre but it worked really well in the shop space and the variety of work on show from the students was outstanding. It was also incredibly moving to see how students had interwoven their personal experiences into their work creating some really unique and profound creative disciplines and styles. The exhibition itself was interactive and engaging, asking questions of its audience and evoking a range of thoughts and emotions.

“A great collaboration between shopping centre and community and I’ll certainly be back next year if they do it again”.

The exhibition welcomed over 2,800 visitors during the course of the exhibition, with an additional 98 guests attending a private VIP opening night viewing.
Industry experts and art enthusiasts were also in attendance, making it the college’s most successful exhibition to date.


Security Team of the Year 2018

Friars Square Shopping Centre, Aylesbury
Managed by Rockspring
Category sponsored by UKPC

The Friars Square team introduced a new self-motivating motto in 2017, reflecting its commitment to the centre: “Every opportunity needs to be met with enthusiasm and commitment in our aims to improve services.”

This creates challenges with opportunities – looking, listening and acting on instinct. The team are ready to take discussions and be motivated to deal with all the different types of issues and demands they face.

The Friars Square team recognise their responsibilities in dealing with modern demands. With this commitment, it was decided to rename the security officers as ‘Customer Liaison Officers; immediately demonstrating their versatility and the direction in which they wanted to move forward. However, this did not take anything away their aims in delivering the very best service.

Team motivation and communication is the key, with the delivery of regular presentations and toolbox talks to the officers helping in the quest for quick results. Information collating on ‘dos and don’ts’ and safety information on how to handle emergencies was introduced, as well as sharing practices with other departments within the centre.

The team also work closely with the local police and authorities within the town centre.

They introduced new daily tenant care visits to offer advice to tenants, collecting information and creating a good atmosphere. This has become a great success, as well as helping collate data for future improvements.

Officers still need to stay focused on their key aims of being a deterrent, a pre-emptor of trouble and a first response in the event of emergency. But, importantly, the centre nurtures officers to become caring, sympathetic, understanding and loyal members of the centre team.


Operations Manager of the Year 2018

Steve Salisbury
Crystal Peaks, Sheffield
Managed by Workman
Award sponsored by Excel Parking

Equipment and processes are only as effective as the operators behind them. To ensure the best possible results from all of Crystal Peak’s initiatives, charity work and marketing promotions, the team that must be motivated, capable and enthusiastic. The team are always the starting point.

To achieve this Steve Salisbury provides coaching and mentoring in the workplace and support outside. He ensures that tailored training is delivered by internal and external providers and has developed a robust succession plan to increase resiliency across all departments.

Customer service is not just a department – it drives everything the Crystal Peaks team does. Steve understands that to be successful a shopping centre must not limit its customer service provision to the scheme – it must extend out to the local community via charity and local project involvement. He has guided the charity fundraising team and participated in events raising over £11,000 for good causes.

Operationally he manages a wide range of maintenance projects around the constraints and restrictions that being based in a residential area poses with regards to noise and working time. Over £2,000 of savings were made by introducing a sustainable solution to road sign replacement and over £4,000 was saved through the procurement of new working equipment.

Suppliers are managed fairly and expectations are managed and reviewed via a KPI scoring system and regular meetings. Security has been further strengthened through a new CCTV suite to combat immediate threats and provide high quality images, countering the threat of hostile reconnaissance.

Sustainability and waste are key areas, developing strategies to maintain 43 acres of green areas and 500 trees. Steve says his proudest achievement is the diversion of over 150 tonnes of waste from incineration and increasing off-site recycling by 92% on 2016 levels.