22nd June 2018 Iain Hoey

Centre Manager of the Year (Medium-sized centre) 2018

Lynette Howgate
Middleton Shopping Centre, Manchester
Managed by Ashdown Phillips
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Lynette is an energetic centre manager with an absolute passion and dedication to her role at Middleton shopping centre. Having only taken up the post in 2106, Lynette’s spirited and hands-on approach has led to some outstanding results in a short space of time.

Most notably, footfall is up 6.5%, car park usage up 9% and the purchase rate is up from 90 to 92% Equally, 11 lettings have been achieved in the past 12 months including a 33,000-sq ft gym.
Lynnette has transformed tenant relations at the centre. Starting from a 10% turnout at tenant meetings, at best, at least 85% of tents now attend. Lynnette has been proactive and flexible in her approach to achieve this, allowing retailers the opportunity to attend at different times.

A retailer intranet system has been created enabling much more effective communication while also being paper-free. Lynnette visit units on a daily basis to speak to tenants face-to-face.
100% of centre waste has now been diverted from landfill, saving 142,470 kg of carbon.

Lynette’s fun-loving yet professional approach means she has an excellent rapport with all tenants, staff and customers. She regularly gets involved in centre events, dressing up as a zombie for Halloween and handing out sweets to kids in the mall.
Community relations have also been improved. Lynette is in an active supporter of the Lighthouse Project charity, persuading the landlord to provide them with the unit, and raising almost £4,500 through centre events and activities.

Lynnette personally put together initiatives that resulted in the town securing funding.


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