22nd June 2018 Iain Hoey

Energy Management Award 2018

White Rose shopping centre, Leeds
Managed by Landsec

2017 was a game-changing year for White Rose shopping centre in Leeds with a focus on energy management and sustainability.

In August 2017 the centre unveiled the installation of the biggest photovoltaic system on a retail site in the UK. The roof installation will generate 68,000 kWh of power a year, enough electricity to power over 200 UK homes for 12 months. The PV will supply 39% of the daytime electricity used in the mail areas of the centre. In its first year, the system will reduce carbon emissions at White Rose by 250 tonnes; equivalent of over half a million miles of passenger car emissions. It consists of 2,902 individual panels, each of which measures 1.6 sq m. The PV will maximise on-site renewable energy generation, reduce electricity consumption from the grid and deliver significant financial benefits to retailers based at White Rose.

It forms a key part of the ongoing sustainability strategy at the centre, which includes a comprehensive bio-diversity programme alongside energy efficiency measures and a focus on reducing food waste – an anaerobic food digester has been in operation for over two years and has reduced over 100 tons to water during 2017.

White Rose is committed to sustainability and continually aims to reduce the carbon footprint and to enhance a positive impact on the environment and local community. Other 2017 initiatives have included the roll out of LED lighting throughout the centre and car park. And newly installed electric car charging points for shoppers and staff are connected directly to the solar panel system. When the sun is shining the system offers truly sustainable vehicle charging. Further electric charging points will be installed in the future as the demand continues to grow.

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