DILAX is the leading provider of intelligent system solutions for capturing and managing people flows in the shopping centre, retail and transport sectors.

We offer innovative data analysis tools that enable shopping centres to gain greater insights into their customers’ behaviour. Our technology can be installed in zones or across an entire shopping centre to provide shopping centre management, asset managers and owners or the investors with customised reports relating the value generated by number of visitors, their dwell time, shopping behaviour, brand adjacencies and identify the impact of marketing events. We are able to capture information passively about the gender and age of shoppers and can assess whether they were shopping alone, with a companion or as a family. Our technology offers 98% accuracy and uses the most advanced data capture in the industry.

DILAX customised reports are used to inform strategic decision making and operations in the shopping centre industry, helping centres to optimise their processes, plan developments, increase their efficiency and improve the shopping experience for their tenants, shoppers and a wide range of stakeholders.

Our solutions enable retailers and shopping centres to understand shopper behaviour and answer questions such as: What’s the profile of my customer? What is their age and gender? Are the they shopping alone or in groups? Are they a regular shopper or visiting for the first time? Which anchor stores are bringing in customers and where else do they visit? What effect does the weather have on customer numbers and dwell time? Where are the hot spots in the centre and where are the cold ones? How does changing the layout and signage affect the customer experience, dwell time and spend? What is the real impact of marketing events and which are driving footfall, dwell time and spend? How many customers visited as a result of the marketing campaign and which of these has now been converted to a regular customer? What effect does communicating with customers via social media and wi-fi have on their shopping behaviour?

DILAX are working with some of the major shopping centres across the globe. We work with every client to find the most effective solution, whether that is the installation of a complete system and/or complex hosting and reporting services.

Learn more: www.dilax.com

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