Link CCTV systems

Link CCTV Systems was originally established in the mid-1990s as a specialist in the consultation, design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems. Having been a part of the Link team for over 10 years, I am proud to say that we have always remained true to our original vision; to be the security specialists in a growing market of security generalists.

In 2013, I obtained the responsibility of the commercial aspects of the company and we crystallised our vision into our Mission Statement, which has truly helped to shape our business and reinforce our original purpose. At Link, we “strive to deliver unique, customer-focused service” whilst ensuring we “provide consistent, reliable performance to our customers based on our core qualities of honesty, integrity and commitment”. Within this, we also established our desire to be “our clients’ Service Partner, not simply a Service Provider”.

We believe in selling customer-focused solutions that can be integrated with various third-party systems, minimising manpower and optimising output. We can install and maintain these disciplines with a very high level of expertise thanks to our ongoing and intense development programme which runs throughout the company. This ensures we have a multitude of specialists across the UK, and helped us to achieve a 90 per cent first fix rate on call outs in 2016.

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