Retail Advantage

Retail Advantage from Art Software Group is the leading data analytics platform for Shopping Centres, Outlets and managed retail locations. Used in 12 countries, Retail Advantage delivers powerful strategic analysis and a comprehensive view on your data to achieve detailed understanding of mall and portfolio performance and potential at every level. In many cases you already have the data – Retail Advantage does more with it.

Through in-depth analysis of performance data, Retail Advantage software provides genuine insight into the actual state of your business. Driven by innovation and quality, versatile dashboards and interactive data-visualisations help you understand situations at-a-glance. Delivering insights without effort through unrivalled strategic management tools, you gain complete control of your data and leverage the time previously spent making sense of it.

Reports are tailored to analyse situations vital to your business. All versions of Retail Advantage come with integrated communications and document sharing functionality to streamline the process and strengthen working relationships.  Reporting on data to the same defined standards means everyone across your entire business – from tenants to management to investors – can utilise current and accurate data. Collecting and verifying data from site and even pulling data together from numerous other systems, locations and feeds to give you the most detailed picture, and best toolset to make informed decisions with confidence. From a single site to a portfolio of retail assets, Retail Advantage unlocks potential and enhances performance.

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