Retail Report

Retail Report is a brand new data analytics service from ITVET, allowing you to automatically bring in all the data about your shopping centre and then use this to provide alerts, reports, comparisons and forecasts.

We collect data from many sources automatically without any work for you:

  • Sales data using automated phone calls, SMS and emails within a special retailer portalParking data from most common parking systems
  • Footfall
  • Social media (Twitter/Facebook etc.)
  • Website traffic
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Weather, traffic, news
  • Utility usage
  • Health and safety
  • Internal and external events

Much more… and anything else you imagine!

Once we have this data we shape and analyse it, and provide you with:

  • Alerts – know about any issues affecting your centre in real time
  • Reports – either online or in print for management meetings
  • Comparisons – between different centres and retailers, and/or different metrics (for example parking to footfall to weather)
  • Forecasts – using our unique algorithms to predict sales figures or if a retailer might be in trouble

Our software is cloud hosted so no hardware is necessary, and works on any device – PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Data is the future, and Retail Report allows you to reap the rewards! |