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Mallcomm is the leading multi-platform tool for creating successful retail and leisure destinations. It facilitates effective management and engaged retail communities through two-way communication connecting management with retailers and all functions involved in the delivery of the physical shopping experience.

Used by Europe’s top ten retail destinations and the leading global retail brands, Mallcomm is a powerful mobile platform that enables and enhances communication between shopping centre management teams and retailers.

As a revolutionary tool, it uses smartphone technology to exchange information necessary in the day-to-day operations of a retail community. Its functions include the collection and analysis of essential reporting data such as sales and footfall figures, managing increasing security risks and critical communications, driving sales through an engaged internal community, managing customer services such as clean teams and customer support, and connecting marketing activities.

Mallcomm works by cleverly integrating existing operational systems – security, data collection and reporting, facilities and marketing – with day-to-day communication functions into one powerful mobile application. Store staff, centre management, retail staff at all levels, cleaning teams, security, parking are all able to communicate what they need to, when they need to.

Mallcomm has more than 500,000 users worldwide and supports London’s Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street, in addition to some of the UK’s best shopping destinations such as Sheffield’s Meadowhall, Cardiff’s St David’s Centre and Liverpool ONE. Mallcomm helps malls of all sizes in the UK and Europe run successful retail communities.

Uptake of the app is on average 90%, and Mallcomm can deliver savings of up to £10,000 per year on communication. Retailer participation increases by up to 80% through enhanced teamwork and brand synergy in the shopping centre.

Mallcomm is proud to sponsor the Retail Liaison Award at the SCEPTRE Awards 2017 and be associated with retail engagement excellence.

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