Christmas Campaign of the YEAR

What is the Award?

The SCEPTRE Christmas Campaign of the Year Award recognises innovation and excellence for a Christmas campaign in a retail destination. In no more than 300 words, please state on your entry why you believe you should receive the SCEPTRE Christmas Campaign of the Year Award.

Judging Criteria

Contribution of Christmas initiatives to the performance and success of the centre. How had the entrant contributed to, for example, increases in footfall, dwell time and customer spend? Please provide examples of Christmas initiatives, together with their evaluations.

Value for money received from the entrant’s Christmas initiatives bearing in mind the centre’s marketing budget. Has the entrant spent the budget wisely and cost-effectively? Can you give an indication of the budget and the size of the centre?

Contribution of the entrant to the public perception of the centre. Has the entrant’s work been recognised in the media in the local community or by local or national bodies? Can you quantify the media coverage of Christmas initiatives?

Innovation: has the entrant shown innovative thinking in formulating and executing Christmas initiatives? Please give examples, together with some evaluation of the activity.