Parking Innovation of the Year

What is the Award?

The SCEPTRE Parking Innovation of the Year Award recognises advances in the technology of parking. The innovation could be a piece of parking hardware or a device or system that has helped make parking more customer friendly and more efficient. In no more than 300 words, please state on your entry why you believe you should receive the SCEPTRE Parking Innovation of the Year Award. The more information the better, but please do not exceed the word limit. The judges will make their decision using the following criteria, so please use these as a guideline in making your submission.

Judging Criteria

  • The judges will evaluate what objectives were originally intended to benefit from this technology and the extent to which these objectives have been met. Please provide details on the original objectives and the final outcomes.
  • Contribution of the entrant to the public perception of the centre. Has the entrant’s work been recognised in the media in the local community or by local or national bodies? Can you quantify the media coverage of parking initiatives?
  • The deliverability of the concept including practicality, affordability and timescale for implementation.
  • The end result merits of the innovation – has it increased your parking capacity, or saved costs, or increased revenue?

Please note that a fee of £65.00 will be charged for each entry