Retail Liaison Award

What is the Award?

The SCEPTRE Retail Liaison Award recognises best practice in shopping centre retail liaison whether by directly employed management teams or by external managing agencies. In no more than 300 words, please state on your entry why you believe you should receive the SCEPTRE Retail Liaison Award. The more information the better, but please do not exceed the word limit. The judges will make their decision using the following criteria, so please use these as a guideline in making your submission.

Judging Criteria

  • Contribution of retail liaison activities to the centre or portfolio’s financial performance, tenant mix, footfall and vitality. Please include examples. Supporting data such as comparative sales levels, occupancy levels, and feedback from retailers and customers will be considered by the judges.


  • Contribution by centre management to improvements in retailers’ merchandising, store layout and design.


  • Contribution by centre management to improvements in retailers’ customer service and staff training.


Please note that a fee of £65.00 will be charged for each entry

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