What is the Award?

Judging Criteria

It has become clear during conversations with many entrants this year that people want to detail how they have coped with all the issues regarding UK retail in the face of Covid. Centres and individual retail units have suffered from lockdowns, from infection rates causing staff shortages, with staff undergoing medically advised shielding, stock and seasonality issues and with the lack of consumer confidence when retail was re-opened. There have also of course been the issues with limiting customers in stores and with the health and safety aspects of sanitisation and check ins.

We believe that retailers have coped amazingly well during these incredibly uncertain times and have delivered innovative thinking and strategic plans to help overcome the obstacles presented by a global pandemic.

Please detail in 300 words or less what your centre or unit has done to deal with all that Covid has thrown at you. This could be staff innovation, remodelling walkways and aisles to help social distancing, or how you have helped your community through these trying times.

As everyone will have dealt with the pandemic in different ways the Judges for this award will be looking for examples of anything different you have done due to Covid. This could be based around your centre, your staff or your customers. We believe everyone will have a different story to tell and they are all important so please include anything you feel you have done differently since March 2020 to help your centre or unit be resilient in the face of Covid.

Supporting documentation will be accepted.