Home to UK heritage brand Photo-Me. Providing automatically uploaded HMPO approved Identification and Fun photos for over 60 years. Working closely with the world renowned designer Philippe Starck to create the exclusive Starbooth. Benefiting from digital advertising front screens, user friendly software and a camera that moves to fit your face. Making swivel stools a thing of the past.

Inventors of Revolution Laundry, the only self-service industrial-power outdoor washing machine in Europe. Boasting three loads in one capacity, including eco-friendly detergent and an automated texting service 15 minutes before the cycle ends for its users. Due to the nature of the machine, trips have to be planned, therefore guaranteeing increased footfall and dwell time to your establishment.

Amuse ME is the only UK British based Manufacturers of homemade and hand painted amusement rides. Helping to cut carbon emission costs to our clients since 1994; providing affordable family entertainment with a plethora of recognised characters as well our unique, educational and sensory customisable designs. For the full experience we encourage our users to visit our Amuse Me Website to follow our characters with their individual stories and games, along with the chance to win free rides with our promotional QR codes. ME Group is the leading provider of photographic ID, small-scale amusement and external laundry units in the UK. Unrivalled in scope and supply, ME Group UK benefits from the strength of its international connections; providing world-leading innovations to the vending industry worldwide. 

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